Come Back - March-April 2016 - Generation and Display, London.
New work by Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones.

I have to erase my memory in order to remember.
One hundred faces are peeled off like masks to reveal the one concealed behind. Everything that happens is merely snatched. Lost in memory, it evades every rule and form of control.
Just as I got close enough to stretch out my hand to greet them, they turn their backs and walk away.

Gravedigger mentality.
J/E - June-September, 2016 - Galerie du 5eme, Marseille.
Elise Carron, Richard John Jones and Natsuko Uchino. Co-curated by Camille Videcoq and Richard John Jones

Symbolic and utilitarian, also delicate, emotional and cognitive, what characterises the relationships we have with the objects that populate our daily lives? They may be everyday objects or works of art, productions in a series or each unique. We are cast as alternately or simultaneously creators, users, viewers, consumers and producers. How can we combine the subjective and intimate aspect of this relationship and its collective dimension taking into account the cultural, economic and ecological?

J/E explores these questions, not from a theoretical and abstract position, but through a collaborative production between the artists, curators and many external crafts people in the local viscinity.
The Ahistoric Vacuum - March-April 2016 - EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam.
With the work of Kent Chan, Richard John Jones, Nikola Knežević. Curated by Judith Leysner.

This exhibition presents 3 new works by recent graduates of the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. Each work engages with places, structures or histories that have been erased, forgotten or demolished. Counter to a trajectory of contemporary thought that focusses on the revolutionary aspect of technology, these works instead use technological forms of mediation, reenactment and fiction as ways of reorienting the present by addressing our relationship to the past.
Works 2016
Richard John Jones

work 2015/2016
Exhibitions 2015/2016
The Moby Dyke - August 2015 - Lothringer 13 Florida, Munich.

Arising out of a concern with the loss of women's and gay lesbian social spaces in Munich and across Europe - the Moby Dyke bar emerges as part of an artistic residency by Richard John Jones and is hosted by the committee of Lothringer 13 Florida (Fabien Hesse, Philipp Gufler, Maximilian Baumgartner, Ruth Höflich, Colin Djukic). The bar, which was open for two nights included participation from The Power Lesbians, the artist Cosy Piero and contributions from Girls Like Us Magazine, Irene Revell (Electra) and Maria Cincotta (Rock Camp).
Collaborative Works 2016
Film 2015
All Closing And Dyke Bar And Everything Ending And Not And Death To The Ahistoric Vacuum (2015)

Taking place on the last night at the last lesbian bar in Munich, the film follows a group of anonymous characters enacting, reenacting or reflecting upon their surroundings and the many, often conflicting stories of the various closed down lesbian and gay spaces in the city.
All works by Elise Carron, Richard John Jones and Natsuko Uchino - for J/E at Galerie du 5eme, Marseille. Co-curated by Camille Videcoq (Rond Point Projects) and Richard John Jones.
The Future is female (On Our Backs), 2016
The Future is female, 2016
Comments, 2016
Quilt #05 (Wolfgang Max Faust) 2014 - Philipp Gufler
Quilt #10 (Gusti) 2016 - Philipp Gufler
Becoming-Rabe 2016 (video installation) - Philipp Gufler
The Future is female 2015 - Richard John Jones
The Future is female (on our backs) 2015 - Richard John Jones
"All Closing..." installation view 2016 - RJJ
Public Sculpture I Dissolve In Your Perennial Tears, 2016
Installation view - commissioned by Kate Strain for "The Plough And Other Stars", IMMA, Dublin.
Without A Reflection I Cease To Exist, 2016
Installation view - commissioned by Kate Strain for "The Plough And Other Stars", Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin.
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