Richard John Jones - 2020
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National Idiom: the Machines (Presentation of work in progress), 2020.
Duration 28 mins.

Documentation of a work-in-progress version of National Idiom: The Machines at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, as part of the festival Come Together #5. The performance works with the impact of technology on the body, working through and against systems of constraint and control, drawing on the folk tradition of East-Lancashire clogging.

About the work:
National Idiom: The Machines is a work in progress by Jones that draws on the folk tradition of East-Lancashire clogging to explore the impact of technology on the body, working through and against systems of constraint and control. Emerging from the cotton mills in the 19th century, where women would tap along to the relentless rhythms of the mechanised looms, clogging is a symbol of the deeply interwoven histories around textile production, local cultural idioms, and feelings of belonging. This work, which is in development, intends to contextualise the various historical ‘rediscoveries’ of folk traditions within the current context of a resurgence of nationalisms in post-industrial regions in Europe and elsewhere. Clogging and other folk expressions are both extremely specific whilst also being deeply interconnected and shared amongst many regions and cultures across the world. At the heart of this work is an understanding of the connection between the development of technology, particularly the mechanical loom and early computers, and the effect these developments have had upon bodies and subjectivities. This particular development included field recordings and interviews with workers employed in contemporary engineering and manufacturing industries in the Nottighamshire area. The clogging routines were done through workshops with the Greenwood Cloggers.

Performed by Richard John Jones and Eva Susova.
Costume design: Max Allen
Scenography painting: Mikolaj Sobczak
Sound Design: patten

Supported by Arts Council England and Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunst

With thanks to the Greenwood Cloggers and Dacol Engineering.

images: Reinout Bos
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